The Waiting is the Hardest Part

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I would like to present a rare moment of self-restraint from Vic Waters, aka Justice.


Speaking of waiting…the wait is almost up for issue 2! I’ll be staring the last page tomorrow and hopefully have everything wrapped up by next weekend. Huzzah!

Thanks for reading!



The Many Faces of Justice

Drawing is fun! Mostly. Unless you’re drawing feet. Feet are the worst. Fortunately, Brent wrote most of the script without closeup shots of feet, so I lucked out.  He also filled the script with lots of sweet, sweet opportunity when it comes to illustrating my favorite fictional pal, Vic Waters (aka Justice). Vic has a face that was made for comics! Literally! Here’s a few of my favorite images of Justice (so far):

Woozy –


Shocked (he makes this face a lot) –


What I can only describe as a “YEESH!” face –


The obligatory Sad face. Sad! –


And a Happy face! –


Ha Ha Just kidding! Vic is never truly happy. Since he can’t turn that frown upside down, I did it for him 😉

Thanks for reading! If you keep stopping by, I’ll keep making faces!


Getting Motivated with Justice

Just look at Justice, all locked and loaded and ready to get down to business.


I finished this panel late last week, and upon reflection it kind of looks like a motivational poster. You know, the kind where there’s a picture of something majestic like a whale jumping over a rainbow, and underneath there’s a single large word in white like “PERSPIRATION” followed by a super smart-sounding quote. Just Google “Motivational Poster” and you’ll get the idea. I’ll wait.

Long story short, I decided to make my own poster.


I’m not sure how motivational it is, but it sure was a great use of my time. I promise I’ll get this comic done soon. Promise!

Onward! And thanks for reading!



Seems like I’m posting a lot of Larry, eh? Brent wrote a character that I’m having a lot of fun illustrating, and for that I am thankful 🙂

P.S. Brent please write more Larry, thx

Anywho, here’s a fun panel where Larry is dropping some angry knowledge on Justice:


But what else is on Larry’s mind? What if he had no inner monologue? It might go something like this:




or maybe:


or quite possibly:


That last one is a genuine truth bomb! Thanks, Larry!

And thank you for reading!




WIP Update: Larry’s Occult Emporium & Gifts

I realized today that I never posted the finished storefront for Larry’s Occult Emporium & Gifts. Let’s take it from the top, from the reference photo to the finished drawing.

So, without further ado…






…and that’s how the sausage is made!

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The Cosmic Werewolf in the Sky

Our pal Larry is a big fan of Baruka, a being created in the image of his favorite deity, The Cosmic Werewolf in the Sky. You remember Larry, right? Here he is showing off his highly-collectible Cosmic Werewolf flag, only available for purchase at Larry’s Occult Emporium & Gifts:


While there are many images depicting the Cosmic Werewolf in the Sky, this one is my favorite. That’s probably because it’s the only one I’ve drawn so far, but still…there was a lot of thought and effort that went into this little guy. So, here’s a bit about the process behind the creation…

Here’s the sketch I started with.


It’s pretty rough, but I captured what I needed to. It’s circular (for reasons I’ll explain later) and it’s vaguely  Norse-like (Norsish? Norsey?) in style.

I applied some crude Photoshop-ery to take some girth out of his fat head…


…then added a few guides to help define that core shapes a little better.


Next came the inking…


…and then I deleted all of that baloney underneath. Looks better, eh?


And finally, some color.


Here, I made a fancy GIF of the all the steps:


And that’s about it. I wanted to make the image circular so I could have another button to add to the collection. We’re up to four now.


So yeah, it was a lot of work for something that gets about one-and-a-half panels in the comic, but I needed to make it something I could be proud of. Mission accomplished.

Until next time…keep your eyes on the heavens for the grand appearance of the Cosmic Werewolf in the Sky! And thanks for reading!


More Larry Fun!

Hello again!

I know what you’re thinking: I need more Larry! I mean that guy is crazy, right?

Actually, Larry would disagree with you. Like all the your favorite conspiracy theorists, he claims to know the secrets behind the real world, the true world that everyone else dismisses. The thing is, though… he’s kinda right. What comes off as gibberish is actually his attempt to drop some knowledge on the close-minded masses.

But hey, our story is told through Justice’s eyes, so…Larry is crazy. Ol’ Vic Waters (aka Justice) calls them like he sees them. But he’s also not afraid to use the bits of information that suit his needs…


I think this is going to be the front of a bookmark we’ll have printed for the next show. Larry is a big fan of Baruka. Who (or what) is Baruka? Stay tuned…


This is probably going to exist as some kind of limited edition print. Still trying to figure that bit out 😉  I call it “Crazy Larry, Enhance.” It makes me giggle.


And here’s a mockup for a few 1″ buttons, with more to come. I can’t wait to have Larry’s mug pinned on my jacket. This also makes me giggle.

Let’s here it for Larry! Can I get a “PRAISE BARUKA”!?!

Thanks for reading!



Meet Crazy Larry

This is Crazy Larry. Is he about to deliver an atomic bear hug? Maybe he’s about to tell you a big fish story. Or could he be showing you what a pretty, pretty bird he is? You decide.


Justice has a history with Crazy Larry, kind of a love/hate thing. Like, he loves to hate Larry. BUT…Larry runs a pretty sweet Occult Emporium (& GIFTS!), and he is occasionally useful, so Justice tolerates him when he has to.

Seriously though, who couldn’t love a face like that?

I think I need to turn this into a bumper sticker. It calls to me 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Justice Is Angry At Me

It’s like I stole his lunch money or something. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t visited the ol’ drawing board in a week or two :-O  Either way, this is the first thing that I came up with this morning —


I think my brain is trying to tell me something. Something something work more something.

Justice’s stare even scared me into doing a color version —


Yeesh. I get it, man. Stop staring already! I’m getting back to work!

Thanks for reading!