Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 4

Welcome back, comics fans! It’s Thursday again, and that means another page from our first issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice! Without further ado, here’s page 4:

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 4

Looks like Vic’s on the case! And there’s nothing like a gorgeous dame with deep pockets…

BTW, all of the pages were first sketched out in pencil, then scanned, and finally inked and lettered digitally with Adobe Illustrator. Basically, this means that any page can be reproduced at a much larger size without loss of image quality. So…who wants a poster-sized print of your favorite page? The line forms on the left…

But seriously, if you’re interested, drop us an email.  We can make it happen 😉

That’s it for this installment! Check back soon, and please spread the word!




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