Curse of the Demon’s Tooth, Cover and Page 1

Did you enjoy our first foray into comics? Are you ready to visit that world again?

(The correct answer is “yes” on both counts.)

Well, do we have a deal for you! 😉

Curse of the Demon’s Tooth is a mini comic that acts as a prequel to our first title. Let’s call it Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice #1/2. It’s an 8 page photo comic followed by an 8 page short story.

Curse of the Demon's Tooth, Cover

True story: I created this comic before Brent and I ever met. Some folks might recognize it as my Thesis project I completed in college around 2007/2008. I had enough story for a full length comic, but I only had enough time to produce 8 pages with a cliffhanger ending. I had intended to complete the comic after I graduated, but then…well, I didn’t. And years passed. I fell out of love with comics for awhile and fell back in love with them a few years back. After completing the first issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, I decided to dust off this old project and bring it into the world Brent and I had created. I decided to finish the 8-page photo comic with a short story for the sake of expediency, for while it wouldn’t be impossible to assemble everyone involved again, even after a seven year hiatus, it would be difficult to figure out a shooting schedule that works with everyone’s responsibilities gained in that time, let alone trying to track down costumes, props, etc.

All of the images were created from photographs that were in turn run through a series of filters and actions I had cobbled together in Photoshop. For instance, page 1 of the comic started with this image:

Page 1 Beginning

…which was then turned into this:

Curse of the Demon's Tooth, Page 1

I’ll post a couple more pages in the next few weeks, and I promise I’ll post them with far fewer words attached 😉  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian Fisher and Amanda Mitchell for playing the roles of Dirk Hammer, P.I. and Margo Trust, respectively, and to thank my brother, Ted Flaig, for working as my photo assistant throughout. And thanks to Brent Daniels for helping me rediscover comics and for being a true partner in crime. If making comics is bad, I don’t want to be good!

Thanks for reading!



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