This is how the sausage is made…

…is the title of our new comic. Picture a super-powered bratwurst battling an army of evil condiments. Who wants some?

Just kidding.  That’s going to be our next, NEXT comic. But for now, Brent is busy writing the second issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice (among other things), and I’m figuring out how to work faster and suck less at illustrating 😉  Our next new comic may be a bit in the future, but I thought I’d let everyone know that we’re working diligently to bring you something new and exciting.

To that end, I’d like to show you some work in progress, a mishmash of ingredients that I hope to grind together until something delicious emerges.

Sorry, I think I just went too far with the sausage analogy…

So, in no particular order, and absolutely without any explanation, here’s a few images of work(s) in progress…

Airlock_K2 Circuit_Board1_C IGGI_1 IGGI_Papercraft Staples_3

Ok, maybe a little explanation is due. I’m hoping to incorporate a lot of photographic images as textures in future works, hence the odd black and white photos. And I’m on a huge science fiction kick right now.

And that’s all the explanation you’re getting out of me…for now.

In other news, this  Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Your local comic shop would love to introduce you (and your family) to a few good books…and did I mention it’s FREE. You may just get hooked, in which case the urgent need to buy future comic books is not free, but they are a lot fun, and well worth the expense 😉

And speaking of free comics: our own Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice #1 is free to read online, in its entirety! What are you waiting for?

Happy reading!



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