Airlock – Work in Progress 2

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but that just means we’re staying extra busy making comics 😉  I’ll try to do as little talking here and hopefully the images will speak for themselves. Here’s a bunch of layers I’ve created for Airlock, and at the end you can start to see them come together…






And here’s an image I’ve started for the other side of the poster. Nothing but stars here, but if I show you much more I’ll give it all away…


FUN FACT: I was really dreading drawing a bazillion stars, so I did some Googling and found that NASA has royalty free imagery you can use for artistic purposes.

So, I used this guy, found here


And also this guy, found here


…because NASA can do stars way better than I can 😉

That’s all for now…thanks for stopping by!



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