Airlock Finished-ish!

Airlock is finished-ish! Finally, right? At least I’m through with the illustration, coloring and lettering stages. I just have a bit of massaging and prepress stuff to complete before sending it off to the printers. Here’s what the first few panels look like…

Airlock "Cover"

Airlock 1

Airlock 2

Airlock is my love note of sorts to all of the sci-fi media I loved growing up, including the movies Blade Runner, Aliens, and Tremors; a few choice Justice League comics; and the Metroid video game series, among other things. There’s quite a bit of world-building here that I’m hoping to continue on in another story. But that will have to wait…I have the second issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice just calling my name! I’m excited to have something new to work on for a change 😉  And Brent has a good jump on the third and fourth issues, so I better get my butt in gear!

Thanks for reading!



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