More Larry Fun!

Hello again!

I know what you’re thinking: I need more Larry! I mean that guy is crazy, right?

Actually, Larry would disagree with you. Like all the your favorite conspiracy theorists, he claims to know the secrets behind the real world, the true world that everyone else dismisses. The thing is, though… he’s kinda right. What comes off as gibberish is actually his attempt to drop some knowledge on the close-minded masses.

But hey, our story is told through Justice’s eyes, so…Larry is crazy. Ol’ Vic Waters (aka Justice) calls them like he sees them. But he’s also not afraid to use the bits of information that suit his needs…


I think this is going to be the front of a bookmark we’ll have printed for the next show. Larry is a big fan of Baruka. Who (or what) is Baruka? Stay tuned…


This is probably going to exist as some kind of limited edition print. Still trying to figure that bit out 😉  I call it “Crazy Larry, Enhance.” It makes me giggle.


And here’s a mockup for a few 1″ buttons, with more to come. I can’t wait to have Larry’s mug pinned on my jacket. This also makes me giggle.

Let’s here it for Larry! Can I get a “PRAISE BARUKA”!?!

Thanks for reading!




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