Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 5

Open disclosure: This is totally a cheat page. The bottom half is reused from the first page (with minor tweaks) for comedic effect. So, this page was half completed before I even started yesterday.

…but if you look at it another way…I finished the top half of this page in 2 days, which has to be some kind of personal record! Here’s a big THANK YOU to Brent throwing me a softball this week. I owe you a beer.


I think we should play some sort of game where readers pick out all of the changes I make to a page after it’s posted. For instance, Justice’s cape in page 5 now has 100% more texture from when I posted the same image in page 1 some weeks ago. I hope to post all of the updated pages 1-5 as a preview in the next week or so, then everyone can write in and point out my tinkering. Maybe win a prize. hmmmm…

We’re about three weeks away from S.P.A.C.E.! Our names have been added to the Exhibitor list! Every sentence has an exclamation point! More info soon!

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Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 4

Welcome back! This week, we’re featuring Page 4 of our flagship title Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice! This one’s a real plot-mover…every now and then we need to give ol’ Vic a break from all of the face-punching and alien-shooting so he can indulge in a bit of pleasant conversation. No worries though! Talking just makes Vic thirsty for Justice! And alcohol. Vic is always thirsty for alcohol.


Just look at all the clues we’re dropping for Vic Waters’ origin story! Not to mention some good explainin’ vis-à-vis Mr. Century’s unique skills and his role in Vic’s life.

In other news, we’ve taken the plunge and purchased an exhibitor table at this year’s S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus, OH on April 9 & 10, 2016. Our first convention! Well, at least the first behind the table 🙂 Lots more to come…stay tuned!

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Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 3

Here’s a pro tip, free of charge:

If you’re inking your comic digitally, it helps to have a computer with a fully functioning hard drive.

The good news is that I didn’t lose any data. The bad news is that my Apple Paperweight Pro™ cost me quite a bit of time. The better news is that I’m working hard to catch up…

Page 3 introduces a new, important character to Vic Waters’ world: Mr. Century. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of him beyond this story…


That’s all for now. Back to plugging away!

And remember kids: back up your data. Like, all of the time. Trust me.

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Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 2

Hello 2016!

…and goodbye to 2015! You were great and all…well, except for the crummy month of December where I was sicker than dog. You can have that part back :-/

But it’s a new year and I’m back to making comics!

Speaking of: check out page 2 from the second issue of TToTFJ!

Vic’s got a new case, but he’s having a hard time finding his motivation. Maybe he needs to look in the bottom of that bottle…

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 2


What a sucker. Doesn’t he know that Kids are the Worst?

Thanks for reading! Here’s hoping for a great 2016!






Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 1

Finally started rolling on Issue 2 🙂

Not much for me to say here, because Justice says it so much better…


I’ve learned a few new tricks since the first issue, so hopefully the pages will flow a little faster this time around. I need to catch up with Brent…I’m pretty sure he’s already two full scripts ahead of me :-O

Thanks for reading!


Airlock Finished-ish!

Airlock is finished-ish! Finally, right? At least I’m through with the illustration, coloring and lettering stages. I just have a bit of massaging and prepress stuff to complete before sending it off to the printers. Here’s what the first few panels look like…

Airlock "Cover"

Airlock 1

Airlock 2

Airlock is my love note of sorts to all of the sci-fi media I loved growing up, including the movies Blade Runner, Aliens, and Tremors; a few choice Justice League comics; and the Metroid video game series, among other things. There’s quite a bit of world-building here that I’m hoping to continue on in another story. But that will have to wait…I have the second issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice just calling my name! I’m excited to have something new to work on for a change 😉  And Brent has a good jump on the third and fourth issues, so I better get my butt in gear!

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Curse of the Demon’s Tooth, Page 4

This week, we learn the name of our Mystery Lady with a Knife, and we find out that Dirk Hammer is kind of a (private) dick.

Curse of the Demon's Tooth, Page 4

Ol’ Dirk really knows how to sweet talk the ladies, eh?

This page concludes the short teaser of our second comic, Curse of the Demon’s Tooth. In the remainder of the story, Margo butters toast with her giant knife, and Dirk falls back asleep. Only one of these things is true. Interested in reading the rest? Drop us a line at and we’ll figure out how to get a copy in your hands! And we still have copies of of the first issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice…just ask! 🙂

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Curse of the Demon’s Tooth, Page 3

Curse of the Demon's Tooth, Page 3

So…true story…at no point in time were my two models in the same room together. Fortunately, I was able to photograph them in the same studio, so I could use reference points on the floor from one shoot to the next and at least capture them in similar lighting conditions. Then I just took the images and rubbed some Photoshop on them. Easy peasy, right?

Looks like ol’ Dirk has our Mystery Lady right where he wants her 😉

Catch you next week!


Curse of the Demon’s Tooth, Page 2

A P.I., asleep at his desk, with a bottle of whiskey by his side…what could go wrong? Enter the femme fatale…

Curse of the Demon's Tooth, Page 2

Holy Cripes! Just trying to keep it (kind of) family friendly, folks 😉

Next week, our P.I. will properly introduce himself, and our lady stranger will get right to the point of her visit. <– There’s a really bad pun in that sentence. Prepare to groan in 7-ish days.

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