Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 6

We’ll just get to the good stuff this week…page 6 looks a little like this:

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 6

Robert Robertson. hehehe. That joke still gets me 🙂

In the script, Brent wrote that Bob was a “Banker type, handsome, great suit, laughing [and] really pleased with himself.” I did my best to bring him to life, but I think I might have subconsciously added “guy I’d like to punch in the face” into the mix. Probably because I know he’s hiding something…but that’s for another update.

And my apologies if you look like Bob.

There won’t be a new page posted next week because, well…Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy your turkey, football and family, not necessarily in that order. We’ll be back in two weeks with a fresh page!



Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 5

It’s that time again…time for another page of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice! We introduced you to Vic Waters two weeks ago, but now it’s time for you to meet the true hero of 1930’s Cincinnati: Justice!

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 5

Ok, so it’s Vic in a hat and a cloak…possibly the worst costume/disguise this side of a pair of spectacles and a spit curl 😉

I’m glad we could work a splash page (or two) into our first comic. There’s even a two-page spread coming soon! The idea was not only to produce our first comic, but challenge ourselves while we were at it. And while it was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun to make!

See you in 7! And thanks for reading!


Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 4

Welcome back, comics fans! It’s Thursday again, and that means another page from our first issue of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice! Without further ado, here’s page 4:

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 4

Looks like Vic’s on the case! And there’s nothing like a gorgeous dame with deep pockets…

BTW, all of the pages were first sketched out in pencil, then scanned, and finally inked and lettered digitally with Adobe Illustrator. Basically, this means that any page can be reproduced at a much larger size without loss of image quality. So…who wants a poster-sized print of your favorite page? The line forms on the left…

But seriously, if you’re interested, drop us an email.  We can make it happen 😉

That’s it for this installment! Check back soon, and please spread the word!



Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 3

It’s time to meet Vic Waters! But who is the dame, and why is she in distress? Our story unfolds:

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 3

These early pages are fun to look at because it’s been so long since they’ve been completed. It’s almost like seeing them again for the first time :-O

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See you next week! And Many, Many Thanks!


Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 2

Hey hey, it’s Thursday and we’re back with another page! Gaze in wonder at page 2 😉

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue1, Page 2

Did I mention we’re both from Cincinnati? It’s hard not to set your first story in your hometown. Write (and draw) what you know, right? On a fun side note, the illustration of the city was based on photos taken of the miniature city found at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

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Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 1

Our story begins! This page is really a teaser of the circumstances that led Vic Waters to take up crime-fighting in the guise of Justice. The mystery man shown here will definitely be reappearing in future issues, as only he can answer the question: “Why is Vic Waters cursed?”

TToTFJ, Issue 1, Page 1

Let us know what you think…we’d love your feedback! And check back soon! The plan is for a new page to post every Thursday.




Welcome to Elemental P Press!

Hello and welcome to Elemental P Press! It may look a little sparse at the moment, but we hope to fill this space up soon enough 😉  We started this venture for a simple reason: not because we thought we could make a better comic book (hopefully, that will come later), but more to prove to ourselves that we could make comics, period. Everybody starts somewhere; this is our beginning. Our first book is entitled “Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice”, a sort of pulp adventure/sci-fi/fantasy mashup. We’ll be posting pages on a weekly basis, starting with the cover right now:

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1 Cover

We are proud to say this book is the best thing we’ve ever produced. We are also confident that it’s the worst thing we’re ever going to make 😉  Our goal is to improve with each successive book, and we hope you follow along as we evolve into better storytellers.

Thanks for stopping by and please check back soon!

Brent Daniels
Brandon Flaig