SPACE starts tomorrow!

Here’s the details on SPACE again…you know, just in case you forgot 😉

You’ll find us at Table W43. What else will you find at Table w43? How about…Issue 1 of Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice!

Victor Waters is a crummy private investigator who also lives a double life as the poorly disguised hero, Justice. His next case is to find a cheating husband…but he may just discover more than he bargained for!

Also at Table W43…Curse of the Demon’s Tooth! And buttons!

Curse of the Demon’s Tooth is a Twisted Tale told from another P.I.’s point of view. Justice may or may not show up. SPOILER ALERT: Justice shows up and dangerous shenanigans unfold.

And buttons! Glorious buttons! Honestly, who doesn’t like buttons?

Nobody. The answer is: nobody.

So come visit us in scenic Columbus, Ohio this weekend, March 25 & 26, and grab some comics (and buttons!), but also some more comics.

See you there!