Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 2

Hello 2016!

…and goodbye to 2015! You were great and all…well, except for the crummy month of December where I was sicker than dog. You can have that part back :-/

But it’s a new year and I’m back to making comics!

Speaking of: check out page 2 from the second issue of TToTFJ!

Vic’s got a new case, but he’s having a hard time finding his motivation. Maybe he needs to look in the bottom of that bottle…

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 2, Page 2


What a sucker. Doesn’t he know that Kids are the Worst?

Thanks for reading! Here’s hoping for a great 2016!







Curse of the Demon’s Tooth, Page 2

A P.I., asleep at his desk, with a bottle of whiskey by his side…what could go wrong? Enter the femme fatale…

Curse of the Demon's Tooth, Page 2

Holy Cripes! Just trying to keep it (kind of) family friendly, folks 😉

Next week, our P.I. will properly introduce himself, and our lady stranger will get right to the point of her visit. <– There’s a really bad pun in that sentence. Prepare to groan in 7-ish days.

Thanks for reading!


Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue 1, Page 2

Hey hey, it’s Thursday and we’re back with another page! Gaze in wonder at page 2 😉

Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice, Issue1, Page 2

Did I mention we’re both from Cincinnati? It’s hard not to set your first story in your hometown. Write (and draw) what you know, right? On a fun side note, the illustration of the city was based on photos taken of the miniature city found at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

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